Luz da Terra Project


The Federal University of Juiz de Fora, through the Pro-Rector of Culture, makes public, for the knowledge of those interested, the present call for selection of the Cine-Theatro Central, called “Luz da Terra Project”, with events produced in Juiz de Fora, in accordance with the following clauses and conditions:

The creation of the Pro-rectory of Culture in 2006 opened the door to solve an old demand of artists and producers of the city eager for the chance to occupy one of the most important stages of the country, Cine-Theatro Central. A project was drawn up, which, as a continuity, has been providing since 2007 the meeting of the local arts with this icon of the municipal culture that became national historical patrimony.

At first naming specific actors and directors as honorees, the project extends this fanfare and reverence to all those who strive to worship theater, literature, dance and music in all its nuances. The ideal of democratizing access to relevant and quality works reaches 2019, highlighting an even closer relationship between the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and the best of local artistic creation.

With more than ten years of uninterrupted achievements and activities, the project is advancing to its new decade with a selective process that looks at issues such as permanence, relevance, originality, cultural and social extension, reinforcing its mission to encourage production of Juiz de Fora, based on proposals that, after selection process, will occupy the 15 dates exclusively assigned to those talents that are “lights of earth” (english translation from the name of the project, Luzes da Terra).